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Advocating For Your Child

What do you do if you notice your child is struggling in school? What do you do if you think your child is being bullied during recess? Who do you speak with if your child may have a learning challenge? Parents are their child's primary advocates and should know how to advocate for their child. Creating positive solutions for your child is the goal when advocating for them. Learn some tips on how to advocate for your child....(more)

High School

Tips on Studying and Learning Spanish

If you're just starting out in high school, you'll probably be introduced to your first foreign language class soon enough. If you are looking for some tips on how to study Spanish and learn the language quickly, you've come to the right place. By putting some basic guidelines in place and following them throughout your high school career, you will be able to study Spanish with ease. Check out the tips below....(more)

Different Types of High School Diplomas

It is the culmination of typically twelve long years of studying and hard work. You put on your long robe and ridiculously square hat with tassel, and you walk across the stage to shake your principal?s hand and receive your diploma. Graduation is a celebration of a young person?s academic achievement until that point. It is also a jumping off point where students who have been treated largely the same for most of their lives will diverge onto dramatically different paths as they enter adulthood. While everyone?s diploma looks the same on graduation day, different students are likely to receive different types of high school diplomas. The quality and type of coursework you completed in high school can determine which kind of degree you will earn, and this may partially dictate where you will go upon leaving high school....(more)

How to Improve a Bad Report Card

Getting a bad report card in high school can have long lasting negative effects, so it's important to get better grades early on, than waiting. This isn't always as easy as it sounds. There are some things you can do, however, that will improve your grades quickly before the situation gets out of control. Taking care of the problem now will help you develop good habits that will last well into the future....(more)


Fun Ways to Teach Reading In The Classroom

Promote reading with fun and interactive activities. Children are more likely to learn when they are engaged and excited about the learning experience. Teachers should incorporate a variety of stimulating activities when teaching reading. Here are some hands-on, innovative ways to teach reading to young learners in the classroom....(more)

5 Ways To Encourage Reading at Home

Promoting reading at home and at school is vital for a child's success. Children should be reading a minimum of 30 minutes every day. Reading daily will improve a child's vocabulary, comprehension skills, listening and fluency skills, and overall oral reading skills. Children who read daily have increased overall academic performance. What are some ways that parents can encourage their children to read at home?...(more)

Benefits to Reading Daily

"Reading is to the mind like exercise is to the body." This is very true! We need to read daily in order to see vast improvements in all academic areas. Reading is linked to all subjects; therefore reading daily is essential. The recommended time for daily reading is 30 minutes. There are many benefits to reading daily. Read on to learn more about the important benefits of reading daily....(more)

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